Do you have a broody hen?

Make your hen a happy mama and let her do the work for you. Slip hatching eggs under your broody hen, or chicks that are under a week old. We have chicks hatching daily from multiple breeds, and can get you chicks or fertile eggs right away.

Silkies aren’t the only hens that make good mamas!

Grandma’s muscovy duck raised a Silkie and a Bantam Ameraucana last summer that she hatched herself. She was such a protective mama! These tiny chicks grew up with a flock of other ducks and geese. The Bantam Ameraucana is now a hen in my flock. The Silkie chick grew into a confused rooster. He thinks he is a duck and served as a protective big brother to a brood of ducklings that hatched in December. He has provided endless entertainment to his human family.
Marans hen with a Cream Crested Legbar, Rhode Island Red, and Polish chick.